Transparent management with good governance

 Treasury Department's commitment is to be honest and cooperate in service. Create and develop into a learning organization

 The Treasury Department is a center for financial and fiscal information. For use in management and development Keep up with the changing trends

 1. Support the preservation of arts and culture for lifelong learning.
 2. Develop financial and fiscal information systems. To use as information for management and decision making.
 3. Providing financial and fiscal services. and set criteria for financial and fiscal management. As well as giving advice on compliance with the specified criteria
 . 4. Manage financial and fiscal matters. Under the principles of good governance and decentralized responsibility for financial management. Give the agency freedom and flexibility in management. To achieve the mission of each agency

Strategic issue Strategic
 issue 1: Promoting lifelong learning through the integration of arts and culture and environmental preservation.
 Strategic issue 2: Upgrading the quality and standards of financial and fiscal services
 Strategic issue 3: Development of information technology potential for management and decision-making
 Strategic issue 4 Development of management system according to good governance principles

Goals (goals)
 Goal 1 Personnel in the organization and stakeholders Gain lifelong learning through arts and culture and environmental conservation.
 Objective 2: Service recipients receive quality and standard services.
 Goal 3: All groups of service recipients will have access to financial and fiscal information technology. that meets standards, is convenient, fast, and accurate.
 Objective 4: The management system is of quality and standard. Service recipients receive the most benefits under the principles of good governance that emphasize transparency. participation organization development By applying knowledge from institutional research. Including showing awareness of responsibility for social problems. (principle of responsibility)